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Mediation Observation

Observing a Mediation Observation

Attend one of our simulated mediation sessions to see for yourself what happens in a Peaceful Solutions Mediation Session using the Dialogue Road Map. Afterwards, speak to the parties and the mediator in a Q & A Session.


What happens in a simulated mediation session?

Two actors playing disputants in a mediation are briefed with a scenario and history of a case. The actors get into role and are totally unscripted. They react to the situation as it unfolds and improvise as the case progresses. Whether they settle or not is reliant on the skill of the mediator to create the conditions in which the parties can negotiate an agreement. You will watch the mediator working ‘live’ in the moment.

The scenarios are based on real cases but with enough detail changed to protect identities.  We draw on family, community, commercial and employment settings.

In the audience are up to 12 observers who watch the session as silent observers. We usually allow 2 -3 hours including a Q & A section at the end of the mediation where observers can ask the mediator and the actors any questions about the session, the case or the methodology.


Who should attend?

  • People who refer cases to mediation
  • Trainee or Novice Mediators
  • Mediators wanting to explore other models
  • Lawyers
  • Therapists
  • Those who are interested in conflict resolution for self or others
  • Those requiring to earn CPD points


What am I likely to discover?

  • How mediators conduct the sessions and the process used
  • How we use the Dialogue Road Map in mediation
  • Strategies, technique and language which de-escalate conflict behaviour and open dialogue
  • How mediation works behind the cloak of confidentiality
  • How the skill of the mediator affects the parties ability to make agreements


Why should I attend?

  • To find out about different types of mediation training and practice areas
  • To understand which practice you are referring your clients to so you can differentiate
  • To find out about different theoretical models of conflict resolution
  • To work out which mediation training you would like to participate in
  • To understand why so few cases ever get to mediation in the industry
  • To find out whether a hostile client can mentally and emotionally engage in mediation
  • To find out why no agreement is better than a fragile agreement


CPD Points

We issue a 2 hour/2 CPD points Certificate of Attendance


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