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Nobody expects to find themselves caught up in a dispute.

Mostly, we start out with the best of intentions only to find that an issue arises which becomes more and more difficult to resolve. This can be for all sorts of reasons such as differences of opinion, conflicts of interest, poor communication, incompatible solutions or misunderstanding. At this point we often worry or panic about the problem.

When attempts to negotiate become stuck or break down, one or both sides may take a hostile action which appears to escalate the dispute. At this point, defending yourself will become increasingly time consuming and costly. The cost can be both financial and personal, affecting your health and wellbeing both personally and professionally.

Whatever stage a dispute has reached, effective and affordable help is at hand.

Peaceful Solutions, founded by Maria Arpa MBE and David Ellis, has over 25 years’ experience of resolving family, workplace, commercial, civil and community disputes and is supported by a team of highly experienced mediators and facilitators.

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