Are you going through a break up or experiencing difficulty with your ex?

As well as being emotionally stressful it can also be hard to manage communication whilst negotiating on important matters like children and finances as well as taking on different opinions and suggestions from friends, colleagues and advisors.

If the break up also involves a divorce, it can be confusing and difficult to understand the divorce process along with its laws and requirements.

Having built a life together there are many emotional and practical issues to be resolved including arrangements for children, division of assets, where you will live and what and how you will tell friends and family.

When emotions, time and money are stretched the potential for disagreement increases as the tensions escalate.

At Peaceful Solutions, we help you identify your options whilst supporting you through the process of change and into your new life.

We provide a range of specialist divorce mediation and support services wherever you are in this process to help you and your family manage and take control of this period as smoothly as is possible.

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Family Mediation Support Services

Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings (MIAMs)

The MIAMs is the first mediation meeting where the suitability for mediation is explored and your options are explained. With some exceptions, it is now a requirement that you attend a MIAMs before you can access the family court. During this meeting we will discuss your situation, talk to you about whether mediation is suitable and work out the best way forward. There is a fee for this meeting. If mediation in not an option the mediator will provide you with a Form C100 which can only be signed by a qualified mediator. If you are eligible for Legal Aid, we will signpost you to a legal aid service.

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Comprehensive Support Service

The latest figures show that the cost of a divorce in the UK has reached up to £30,000 when all the hidden costs are taken into consideration. Of course this is not obvious at the outset, but if you were knowingly going to spend £30,000 on anything, it would make sense to use a professional service in advance.

When a ‘one-household’ relationship ends, there are many consequences and more so if there are children to consider. Turning one household into two requires skilful navigation and considered, informed decision-making. Disagreements are normal but it is really important to prevent disagreements turning into hostile acts.

While all this is going on, it is understandable that you may become stressed and worried about the future. Yet, the children will need your attention more than ever and you will not want your situation to affect your ability to generate an income. That’s where Peaceful Solutions comes in.

Our comprehensive support service is unique to Peaceful Solutions. This is a bespoke professional service that helps you navigate the whole break up drawing on years of experience in managing family conflict. Intelligent decision making is a priority but experience tells us that attempting to transact the legal and financial issues without sufficient expertise in processing the emotional content has a significant impact on the decisions made. Yet, these decisions need to be future proofed as they will affect you for many years to come. We support you through all of the stresses and strains so that you can make better decisions and continue to take care of the important things in your life.

At Peaceful Solutions, we provide a safe, confidential space for you to air your grievances, consider your options and get support for the emotional rollercoaster that you will sometimes feel you are on. We’ll help to keep you ‘on track’ as things unfold so that you can take measured, practical steps and we will stick with you until you are ready to start your new life.

Not only will you work on financial matters and parenting issues, we will coach you through the transition of your relationship from being partners in a relationship to becoming co-parents with separate lives anticipating issues that you may not have even thought of.

This is a highly attentive service which clients find invaluable when they have a lot at stake and they want to minimise the effects on their children and their own wellbeing.

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Peaceful Solutions offers an empathic support service for ex-partners where communication has broken down or become highly confrontational. This service is provided where one or both parties need respite from the conflict but where communication about children or money are still essential to day to day living. Your specially appointed ‘go-between’ will take the pressure off by tactfully and diplomatically managing the ongoing communication on your behalf around arrangements regarding children, property any other ongoing and potentially disruptive issues allowing you to concentrate on your own priorities.

Your dedicated intermediary communicates between you and your ex-partner to relay essential information about arrangements for childcare, contact issues and financial matters. This allows you to carry on with your life and avoid common flashpoints which are both distressing and time consuming.

Your intermediary will set up a framework for managing communication to suit your schedule and help arrange the practical logistics around emotive issues. This can include:

  • Logistical child care and contact issues
  • Establishing a child care and contact calendar
  • Engaging children in matters that affect them
  • Logistical and practical matters around property and finance
  • Practical matters around extended family and grandparents

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Relationship Dialogue

When two people want completely different futures, no amount of arguing will bring a satisfactory conclusion.

In our experience the best way to find an outcome is to explore the problem through a facilitated dialogue. If one of you wants a break up and the other wants to try again, there is no end to the ways the issue can escalate by trying to force an outcome on another person. This is a situation many couples face and we have worked with many couples to decide on a future. In some cases the couple decide to try again using our reconciliation service and in other cases they decide to go their separate ways and we use mediation sessions to reduce the amount of suffering.

When one partner wants to hold on to a relationship while the other wants it to end, it is very difficult to find outcomes while the difference or conflict is current especially if either partner withholds information or ‘crowds’ the other. We use mediation to explore the hurt and pain that has brought the relationship to this place and what the contributing factors are that can unlock the differing positions. The aim is to explore outcomes and find a common solution that is acceptable to both of you.

This service is for couples whose relationship is in crisis but want different outcomes. We may work with one or both of you in separate and joint sessions. The only condition needed is that you are both willing to talk to the mediator.

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