Governance Issues

There are many governance issues facing Boards right now with government changes in the air. Before any of these can be addressed, Board Members need to be able to work together without hostility. Healthy challenge and disagreement are vital to improvement and accountability but if the conversation becomes unreasonable or even toxic, progress will be slow and can negatively impact the business.

At Peaceful Solutions we use the Dialogue Road Map to oil the wheels of Board Communication. An independently facilitated meeting can build trust and capacity to help negotiations. Whatever it is you want to achieve as a Board, it’s always easier when the communication is on point and collaborative.

In the not for profit sector, ground up governance is a consultative approach to ensuring transparency and accountability to the regulators, the beneficiaries, the staff and the public. Using the Dialogue Road Map to change the conversation will take the pressure off volunteer trustees to foster an atmosphere of inclusivity.

“After months of Board conflict we were able to narrow down the areas of disagreement and work through them in the best interest of the business and staff. Peaceful Solutions gave us the tools we needed to change our focus”

Charity Trustees

Organisational Conflict

Conflict in an organisation may be latent and ‘invisible’ to business owners and directors for some time before it shows itself. This usually stems from a lack of trust in the company’s willingness, capacity or ability to manage conflict without making it worse.

At some point tensions become obvious but the reasons are not clear. By the time conflict manifests, there is likely to have been quite some damage to staff perception of the business. At this point it is important to understand that where a dispute manifests might not actually be the same as the source of the conflict. These can be unseen reasons for unhappy teams, poor performance, absenteeism and high staff turnover.

At Peaceful Solutions we work to bring to light the root causes of workplace conflict so that business owners and directors can be proactive in preventing escalation rather than responding to incidents that have built up over time. Using the Dialogue Road Map our Facilitators will work to improve the quality of communication in the workplace.

“Peaceful Solutions carried out a conflict audit and the report was super helpful in identifying underlying causes of tensions in the workplace. With their help we were able to address the issues in a calm and measured approach”

Local Authority Agency

Culture Change

Sometimes the culture needs to change. Workplace culture is the atmosphere you create for people to work in and for clients to do business with you. When a business grows it may not truly know the culture that is growing alongside. A list of values or a mission statement may be completely at odds with how things really tick.

The Dialogue Road Map is an application and a state of being that brings humanity into the workplace so that people can flourish and make a heartfelt contribution. No amount of rules can touch a person’s inner attitude and their attitude determines how much of themselves they are prepared to put into their work.

Peaceful Solutions will partner with you to develop a culture of contribution and reciprocity that is irresistible .

“We use the Dialogue Road Map to communicate with each other. It has changed our culture at the individual and company wide levels”

Restaurant Group with 9 Restaurants