One to One Counselling

There will always be times in life when we could do with a safe, confidential place to reflect on our situation.

Whether we feel stuck, overwhelm, anger, sadness, resentment, exhaustion or defeat, the best way through the maze is with a supportive facilitator who will not tell you what to do but will guide you to find your best next steps.

Using the Dialogue Road Map, our compassionate facilitators will support you to reconnect to yourself and design a pathway to equilibrium. When you know something needs to change and doing it alone is hard, choose the Dialogue Road Map for your path to emotional and mental wellbeing.

Your private one to one session on Zoom will begin with a snapshot of your current situation and where you would like to get to. During the following sessions you will be supported to go through a change process where you can love and trust yourself, and therefore make better quality choices.

My life fell apart when my wife died suddenly. I lost my job, and nearly lost my house .

I came across Peaceful Solutions through a friend who knew what I was going through. I ended up spending 6 months with Tom who gave me time and empathy to be able to greive for Julie. 

I’ve built my life back, my home, and I’ve managed to get a job as a result of this support from Tom, I cannot thank this service enough. 


Trauma Informed Healing

Sometimes our current situation is governed by unhealed wounds. These unhealed emotional wounds result in psychological trauma. Trauma can arise from many different experiences, some shared such a war and natural disasters, or prolonged damage from slavery, forcible removal from family, or genocide. Trauma can also arise from prolonged experiences such as abuse, neglect, enforced discipline or abandonment. And it can also arise from complex traumatic events which are invasive in nature such as sexual abuse.

Signs of trauma include hypervigilance, inability to trust, low self esteem, substance misuse, control issues and high functioning anxiety.

Many times we don’t recognise this in ourselves and we don’t understand the (sometimes very cruel) feedback we receive from family and friends who are brutally pointing out a blind spot. When a person finds themselves in these states, it is vitally important to find a safe haven for healing and recovery. Our practitioners will facilitate your healing using the Dialogue Road Map to support positive change.

I was diagnosed with Postpartum Trauma after an awful childbirth. I couldn’t even speak to my family without being full of emotion and upset. 

After plenty of research I ended up having sessions with Louisa, not only did she help me get through such a difficult period but my husband also ended up having sessions to help us manage the trauma together and create a new normal.  


Group Facilitation

When a group of people come together, there is usually a common goal or positive intention that connects the members. It is also possible that the intentions or goals are unsupported by the strategies to achieve those goals. It’s easy yet very painful to become embroiled in group conflict. Side taking, gossiping, exclusion, arguing and blaming can overtake over the original intention, and what could have been joyful becomes very painful. There are many reasons why this happens in group dynamics; incompatible beliefs, unhealed trauma, differing conflict styles, cultural clashes, differing abilities to trust, singlemindedness or competing for the dominant narrative are among some of the underlying reasons, mostly unconscious.

It’s never too late to hire a Dialogue Road Map Facilitator, though the earlier it happens, the less accumulated pain and suffering has to be addressed first.

My daughter in law didn’t agree with my parenting views and as a result I was seeing my grandson less and less. Peaceful Solutions met with the whole family and was instantly able to prevent it from becoming worse. After they recommended a Family Circle we were able to create and understanding with the whole family present, I now have the access to my grandchildren that I wasn’t getting.