Our service supports families, individuals and businesses to find effective solutions.

Our service supports families, individuals and businesses to find effective solutions.

Our mediators have specialisms across a number of business sectors and are experts in their fields.

Peaceful Solutions is also a recognised training provider delivering a range of public and bespoke training solutions either at our offices or on-site.

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Peaceful Solutions Dialogue & Mediation Ltd is a Company registered in England and Wales (Company No. 13805932). It is an approved independent service of the registered charity the Centre for Peaceful Solutions, a registered charity which provides mediation and conflict resolution in communities.

The service generates funds for the charity to re- invest in community mediation projects. Many of our mediators are leading experts in their field who are part of our panel in order to support the much needed work of the charity. To learn more about our charitable work please visit the Centre For Peaceful Solutions website.

Peaceful Solutions has over 25 years of experience in resolving complex issues with individuals and businesses. All of our mediators are trained and accredited by the recognised mediation bodies for their specialism where appropriate. View our mediator panel.

How we work

Peaceful Solutions provides a deep level of engagement in helping find resolution and lasting agreements to all manner of disputes. Where legal advice is critical to the outcome, we will work closely and co-operatively with your legal advisors whilst placing emphasis on the mediation process. This is reflected in outcomes which will almost always work out to be significantly faster and less expensive than litigation for the same issue.

All of our team and associates are trained and experienced in applying ‘The Dialogue Road Map’, our unique, in-house approach to mediation as well as being experienced mediators in their own fields.

Where we work

Our mediators are mainly based in London, the South East and the Midlands and some work nationally and internationally. All are experienced in conducting sessions remotely (usually on Zoom).

We are always happy to discuss our work. Get in touch and come and see us or request a chat on a video call (Zoom, Teams etc) or by telephone.