It's never too late (or too early) to mediate

If spiralling litigation costs or uncertainty about the outcome become an issue, mediation is always an option. Peaceful Solutions has a proven track record in bringing resolution even when the issues are complex and entrenched.

Mediation is a process that helps parties to a dispute make agreements and find settlement without having a judgement imposed on them in a court. Mediation is confidential, voluntary and flexible.

By agreeing to mediate, you retain control of the outcome. The process does not start or continue without the parties’ agreement so you can control costs, and stop the process at any time without a decision being bound upon you.

Mediation can be used in a wide range of civil and commercial disputes that might otherwise end up in court including:

  • Breach of contract
  • Commercial disputes
  • Provision of goods and services
  • Breach of trust
  • Family Businesses
  • Charity and non-profit conflict
  • Partnership problems
  • Boundary and neighbour disputes
  • Building works
  • Workplace and employment
  • Complaints handling
  • Disputes with statutory agencies
  • Issues with social landlords
  • Debt
  • Personal injury
  • Clinical and professional negligence

Peaceful Solutions has a panel of expert mediators ready to listen to your issues or needs.

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In civil and commercial mediation you can take your solicitor or legal adviser along with you to the mediation. This can help remedy an imbalance of power, and give you more confidence when negotiating.

Mediation can be a cost effective and rational solution to ongoing disputes you may face. We have an 80% success rate of cases which complete the mediation process.

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Inheritance & Elder Care

It’s no surprise to hear that families fall out with each other all the time.

When money is in the mix it can escalate issues between siblings, step family members and other extended family members.

Topics like Lasting Power of Attorney, wills, and care for an aging parent can create division and separation. Legal proceedings can draw out the issues and ruin relationships by creating ‘sides’.

At Peaceful Solutions, our Dialogue Road Map Facilitators can support an individual or whole family to talk about the way forward and agree on outcomes which minimise the distress of lengthy negotiations. Whether through informal dialogue or formal mediation, whatever stage the dispute has reached, it really is never too late to find a resolution before it is imposed.

My siblings and I had effectively stopped speaking to each other and legal fees were mounting. When Peaceful Solutions became involved, we found an outcome that we could all live with and relationships were restored. 

Power of Attorney dispute

Business Disputes

All businesses will be subject to contractual obligations with clients, customers, contractors, professional services, suppliers or statutory agencies.

As soon as a problem is identified or if the contract needs renegotiating, it is prudent to take an informal approach as early as possible.

Calling on a Dialogue Road Map Facilitator to support negotiations could prevent costly legal proceedings. If matters are already in the court process, there is always a moment to seek formal mediation to reach a settlement before the court imposes a judgement.

Agreements made in mediation are open to more creative thinking than a court can order. And, where it would be a shame to lose the business to business relationship, our facilitators will work to attend to the relationship as well as the settlement.

David Ellis was able to put his finger on the real problem and we were able to reach a settlement and stop the court case. It has been a real relief.

Contract dispute

Civil Disputes

Whether you are a consumer or a supplier, with the best will in the world, sometimes things go wrong. A missed deadline, work that hasn’t turned out as expected or accidental mishaps can create bad feeling between both parties.

Trying to talk about it without support might escalate issues and one party may feel there is no alternative but to ‘go legal’. Before things escalate, some timely support from a Dialogue Road Map Facilitator could resolve matters without the stress and anxiety of escalation. Even if proceedings have been issued, the courts favour mediation and are very likely to pause proceedings while mediation takes place.

Our highly experienced team can be a port of call if you find yourself in this situation

What had become very tense and difficult became easier to discuss when Tom became our mediator. He was able to break the ice and change the blame game into a civil conversation which resulted in a satisfactory agreement

Homeowner and Builder Dispute

What does it cost?

Employment, Workplace, Family and Community Cases are charged by arrangement with the referrer. We can work an hourly rate, a fixed fee or as a contracted service provider depending on the brief and the requirement.

We have a range of specialist, qualified practitioners.

As a rough guide, here is a break-down of the process and fees. This gives you an idea of the cost you are likely to incur in relation to your claim value.

  • Free 30 minute telephone assessment after which we will make a recommendation and send a proposal.
  • Registration fee of £300 per party to cover administration.
  • Fee for reading the case documents and position statements in advance of the mediation is £250 per party
  • Room hire for up 8 people or travelling to your venue is by arrangement including work outside the UK.
  • Mediation sessions are charged at £275 per hour per party
  • We can also organise mediation by telephone and by video conferencing which removes the venue hire cost.

The above fees are based on single claimant / defendant disputes. If there is more than one claimant and / or defendant the length of the mediation session may need to be increased, and the next fee tariff applied – the mediation organisation or practitioner will discuss this matter with you when organising the mediation.