When couple communication breaks down, breaking up becomes a serious option. However, not all relationships end in a parting. 

With professional help many relationships are salvageable and can go on to be happy and harmonious. Whilst it’s fair to say that finding harmony as a couple can be a challenging process, the alternative break up and division of assets will not come without its own heartache especially where children are involved.

                                                                                                                                          The film above aired on the Vanessa show and demonstrates how the Centre For Peaceful Solutions helped Ray and Agnes move their relationship back into harmony.

This is what one of our clients, Ray, had to say:

“My name is Raymond Wright.

I was introduced to Maria Arpa by a close friend who had been to counselling sessions with her and encouraged me to seek advice about problems I was encountering in my life.

I had been separated from my wife, Agnes, for four years and we had recently reconciled but were finding things very difficult.

I decided to introduce Agnes to Maria and we both agreed to begin mediation, this provided a safe environment where we were able to talk about our individual feelings together and communicate about the problems and issues that had built up for us both, over our 28 year relationship.

Mediation helped us to realise that communicating takes practice and patience with each other, there is no quick fix.

During the last six months we have been blessed with a new start and a new home, we are still talking and it is my hope that we can maintain a successful marriage in the future.

With Maria’s gracious help and support, our goal is to learn from events in the past, apply those lessons to the present and act upon them by working together for our future”

At Peaceful Solutions we believe that if you are stuck and not sure what to do we can use a very effective method of mediation to explore all the possibilities and, if appropriate, help you to reconcile the relationship.