In this service you remain in control of the costs and the timescales. Instead of hiring a professional on an hourly rate with no ceiling on cost, it may be prudent to consider a more cost effective way of managing the issues, which leaves more in the pot to be divided. In our experience, many clients have been presented with bills for legal services that they had not expected and then found themselves coming to mediation anyway and with the average family spending £13,000 on a divorce through the courts, this could be a sizeable percentage of the assets to be divided.

Using this service can provide you with all the expert help you need whilst keeping mediation at the heart of the divorce process.

Young befriended multiracial families sitting on the couch and playing with their kids.

How it works

The issues that need to be decided are agreed at the first meeting. We then agree a number of sessions and a fixed fee. The intention is to focus on coming to an agreement within the specified timescales which creates progress and offers relief from a situation which is stuck.

Where expert advice is needed we can recommend practitioners who work on a fixed fee to give you individual advice do you can feel assured that experts are managing the case on your behalf whilst you remain in control of the outcomes.

In this way you can be in control of the outcomes including the costs.

Who is it for?

This service is for ex-partners who have both agreed that divorce or dissolution is the way forward and who need to decide issues such as finance, property or children and who believe that principled negotiation is a better way forward than demands or force.