An empathic support service for ex partners where communication has broken down or become highly confrontational.

This service is provided where one or both parties need respite from the conflict. Your specially appointed intermediary / go-between will take the pressure off by tactfully and diplomatically managing the ongoing communication on your behalf around arrangements regarding children, property or any other ongoing and potentially disruptive issues allowing you to concentrate on your own priorities.

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How it works

A dedicated intermediary communicates between you and your ex-partner to relay essential information about arrangements for childcare, contact issues and financial matters. This allows you to carry on with your life and avoid common flashpoints which are both distressing and time consuming. Your dedicated intermediary works between you to help with ongoing arrangements which affect your day to day life whilst your lawyers may be managing the long term issues for settlement.

Your intermediary will set up a framework for managing communication to suit your schedule and help arrange the practical logistics around emotive issues.

This can include:

  • Logistical child care and contact issues
  • Establishing a child care and contact calendar
  • Engaging children in matters that affect them
  • Logistical and practical matters around property and finance
  • Practical matters around extended family and grandparents

Your intermediary will not interfere in the source of the conflict. The service is aimed at keeping things moving when it is difficult to communicate.

Who is it for

This service is aimed at supporting ex-partners who, for whatever reason, are unable to co-operate with each other for example, in (or following the conclusion of) a contested divorce or during an application to vary a court order.

Whilst lawyers on both sides are fighting the case, using a lawyer to negotiate on immediate disagreements and day to day arrangements can prove very expensive and not a good use of your lawyer’s time and expertise. Our intermediaries are trained and experienced in managing the feelings and needs that arise when things are tense and pressured.