For claims under £5000, those entitled to Legal Aid and Criminal Matters

Here is some guidance

We do not offer a free consultation for claims under £5,000 which fit into the categories below this section.

Instead we have given you some ideas on how to proceed without spending money on professional fees. In our experience, if you are only interested in your financial losses and have no regard for the other party then we are not the right service for you. The amount of time and money you will spend in professional fees pursuing the claim might not be worth the value of what you can get back and especially if the other party is avoidant, denying or hostile to your claim.

However, in some situations, the friendship, partnership or relationship is more important than the money itself. In this case we can help you if both you and the other party agree that salvaging the relationship is important and you want professional help to do so.

If after reading this guidance you still want to speak to us then we charge £80 for a 30 minute consultation which is payable at the time of booking. During this consultation we will help you work out the best way forward, offer guidance on how to approach the other person and see whether Peaceful Solutions can take the case forward with you on a fee basis or point you other services. At the end of the call you will have a clearer understanding of your position and feel calmer about the steps with no obligation to take things further with us.

Small Claims Court

If you have issued or are going to issue a summons in the small claims court, the court will offer you telephone mediation as part of the service. It is a good service and offered free of charge to help you settle the matter. Both parties have to agree. The service is limited to helping you settle out of court. They will not help you to mend a broken relationship.

Debts Owed or Claimed Between Friends or Owner-Occupier Landlords

Mostly these cases are between people who placed trust in another person and later that trust was abused or a misunderstanding or argument ensues about payment of the debt. In many cases there has been no written contracts or the contract was poorly written. In this case you can seek advice from your local Citizen’s Advice Bureau. They will offer a free consultation, assess your evidence and advise you on next steps.

Consumer Claims for Bought Items Such as Second Hand Vehicles or Goods

Where you bought goods in good faith from a trader or other person you might be protected under consumer law. You can make an appointment with the Citizens Advice Bureau or talk to your local Trading Standards office.

Legal Aid

Legal aid is available for eligible individuals for family mediation matters that involve parenting, visitation, child support and maintenance. To see if you are entitled to Legal Aid visit the website.

Criminal Matters

If you have been charged with an offence or are a victim of crime you should seek legal advice as soon as possible.

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