Jenny Cummin

Commercial | Family | Neighbour | Community | Workplace

As a practising barrister and solicitor I have over 25 years’ experience working with people locked in conflict.

Specialising in medical malpractice, I have facilitated resolution in the most distressing and devastating of conflicts because they involve loss of life and loss of health.

I am also involved in resolving highly charged and emotional conflicts, such as breakdowns in personal and family relationships, neighbour and community disputes and issues in the workplace environment. Resolving these conflicts is critical because of the traumatic impact of unavoidable regular contact. Despite the intransigent relationship between those involved, resolution has been achieved by facilitating communication and guiding it towards mutual awareness and understanding. This created a more trusting and cooperative environment from which agreement can be achieved.

My involvement with commercial conflicts include resolution of contractual disputes and claims arising from professional negligence. I am an accredited mediator in civil, commercial and employment matters. I am also on the panel of volunteer mediators for Mediation Hertfordshire.

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