Louisa Burnand

Family | Workplace | Neighbour | Relationship | Restorative Justice

Louisa is a full-time mediator and relationship coach with a background in IT, accountancy, and small business consultancy.

Louisa is our lead Family Mediator and is experienced in all stages of separation and divorce, with a sensitive understanding of the needs of children through the divorce process. She is especially adept at building trust and empathy when relationships have become acrimonious.

As well as a competency in neighbour and workplace disputes, she is an experienced relationship mediator, with a proven track record in resolving entrenched difficulties between couples, pairs and groups of family members.

Since we began working together in 2013 Louisa has been instrumental in initiating and supporting many of our projects in schools and organisations. She is the co-ordinator and lead trainer for our schools projects, and runs the accreditation and trainee support for all our DRM courses.

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