Rodrigo Guerra

Relationship | Family | Neighbour | Workplace | Commercial | Restorative Justice

Rodrigo holds over three decades of diverse experience which converge to facilitate resolution and growth.

With extensive background as a mediator, coach, and bodyworker, Rodrigo offers a unique blend of skills to guide you through challenging situations. For over sixteen years, Rodrigo has utilized Nonviolent Communication techniques to foster empathy and understanding, while also addressing personal obstacles such as limiting beliefs and negative self-talk. Through the incorporation of Maria’s Dialogue Road Map (DRM), Rodrigo has discovered a transformative tool that enhances presence, ease, and fluidity in both professional and personal contexts.

As a father of three adult children from two distinct relationships, Rodrigo intimately understands the complexities of family dynamics and interpersonal relationships. His profound commitment lies in helping individuals forge stronger connections with themselves and others, ultimately leading to greater fulfillment in all aspects of life. He is happy to accompanying you in your journey toward resolution and personal growth.

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