Tom Ford

Relationship | Family | Neighbour | Workplace | Commercial | Restorative Justice

Tom is a first class mediator and facilitator with over 500 hours of hands on experience. He has been with Peaceful Solutions since 2017.

Tom is a qualified practitioner and Dialogue Road Map Facilitator. Tom has worked in highly complex environments and has dealt with complex highly charged relationship cases in the past 7 years. Tom is also the deputy director of our affiliated Charity ‘The Centre for Peaceful Solutions’ and is an experienced mediator with over 400 hours of experience in all settings. 

Tom is skilled at meeting people where they are and getting alongside them in their journey of change. He is sought after by our clients and participants and has supported people from all walks of life to resolve the conflicts they face.

Tom has now gone onto work with communities, workplaces, prisons and families. He has delved into the world of therapy, facilitated healing and working on interpersonal relationships. He has found that becoming a practitioner has changed his life for the better, helping improve all his relationships, being able to connect with people in a way he never was able to before.

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